Music Ministry

From Hymns to Liturgical dance, electric guitars and drums! Worship can vary greatly. The blend and transitions are helpful to create a space for worship. But we are nothing but door holders for the people to enter and worship. I can help with resources, sound, events and any music from children's  to experienced for worship.

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Ministry Boost

The Seven Words of a failing Church?

We've Never Done It That Way Before

What message is coming from you and your church? Did Paul tweet before he arrived in Thesolonika? "e"vangelism is the online connections to the world. We must share the story of Christ like at the marketplaces and the mounts, But today it is a Facebook, Twitter, Google world. And we must "Tweet others as we want to be Tweeted".

We can help! 


  • Volunteer burnout?
  • Conflicts not resolved?
  • That's my seat!
  • We can help!

We can help with ministry needs, retreat planning, events and worship music. Sermons and speaking, fundraising events, family ministry etc....

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